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Causes and How to Treat Disease Pinched Nerve

In explanation this time we will review the pinched nerve. Before we discuss the pinched nerve, there are things you should know. Two words pinched nerve is less precise in the medical world was just an expression used in everyday society that is not true. It is only used to describe any existing damage and injury to the nerves or nerve tissue. This disease occur because of pressure (compression) which experienced the neural network in the surrounding areas. So wedged in the medical world is called with komprasi or depressed from nerve tissue by bone. In this case will be experienced when the bone in a state of subluxation or dislocation. In du nia medical this disease has a name HNP (herniation nucleus pulposus, which means the protrusion of the core of the disc that cushions the vertebrae. From protrusion tersebit suppress the nerves around it that makes nerves become ill. There is also the term subluxation or dislocation is still in relation with a pinched nerve disease.

So what is a subluxation or dislocation? subluxation or dislocation is a state in which the vertebral column is not in the correct position or not in place. It can be caused due to the occurrence of a collision, a fall or an accident while driving. It can also be caused by other factors between the is too long sitting position is not straight (bent), because the bones are in a position that is not true, it will suppress the nerve tissue in the vicinity, be it a nerve root or the spinal cord.

  1. In many cases the pinched nerve disease itself usually occurs because it is caused by spinal disc protruding. So as to suppress kelur up menghempit or suppress the nerves in the surrounding areas. Besides those already mentioned above regarding the causes, these are factors that are at risk of disease HNP or better known to the public as the "nerve kejepit", are as follows:
  2. Obesity, a person might experience pinched nerve disease or HNP dalah obese or overweight. This is due to excess weight, it will cause high pressure on the lower back disc.
  3. The work, in addition to obesity which can be at high risk for neurological diseases kejepit is work. The work that is intended in this case is a physically demanding job. As mmisalnya is pick-recurring, pulling, pushing and many others.
  4. Genetics, the last thing that can cause a pinched nerve disease is due to genetics or heredity.

How to Treat Disease Pinched Nerve
The most important thing to treat a pinched nerve disease is to avoid things that can mmeicu the pinched nerve as described above. After that you can do that in accordance with the HNP treatment recommended by a doctor. Like taking drugs, therapy and surgery or surgery. Chiropractic care has a very high success rate when treating a pinched nerve condition. During chiropractic therapy, many parts of the body will be examined in addition to the areas terkena.Tujuan for chiropractic treatment is to relieve pressure on the nerve by way of correcting spinal correction (adjustment) This will release tension and spinal pain.
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